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Use & Care

When choosing our leathers, we love the imperfect, artisan aesthetic as it has a genuineness that no perfectly uniform leather can ever have.   Our leather is made from wild animals and is therefore subject to change.  Slight discoloration or change in texture may be visible.  While we handle our product with care, small dents, dings, scratches, or blemishes may be found.  Irregularities in the consistency of the color should not be considered a fault, but inherent of the natural qualities.  We believe this adds to the character of our products.  


We believe in taking care of our leather in a way that lets the life story of the leather – and its carrier – emerge over time.  So here are a few steps to care for your leather, in a way that honors its story and yours.


• Water stains should be left alone, as they ultimately blend into the darker leather with time and wear.  

• It is recommended not to wear light-colored clothing with any dark leather items as a natural crocking of color can occur, especially in wet or damp weather.  To limit this possibility, we recommend using a Scotch Guard protective spray.

• Keep the leather clean by brushing it with a cloth; this gets rid of any surface stains. Once the leather is clean, allow the bag to dry in a room-temperature environment.

• Keep your pieces out of the sunshine and in a cool, dry place where the leather can breathe; this prevents the leather from drying out and cracking.  

•Whilst gentle knocks are all part of usual wear-and-tear, keeping the leather scratch free can be tricky. But you can lessen the appearance of scratches by rubbing a dry cloth over the scratch in a circular motion to lessen the intensity.  You can also try to use a leather conditioner which re-energizes the bag.

• It is recommended to keep your bag in a soft dust bag when not in use.

• You might need to moisturize the leather using a leather conditioner, if it becomes dry over time.


We hope you adore our leather as much as we do.  Should you have any other inquiries, feel free to contact us via email:

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