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About Us

Women's leather handbags

Inspired by the spirit of Rock-n-Roll, and combined with years of accessory design experience, we have created a brand for our Tribe. 

Welcome to Rock & Stone.

The Rock & Stone woman lives her life in love and creativity. 

She is a Stevie, she is a Kate. She is the ultimate Penny Lane. She believes in her power, and she invests in her soul. Music is her alchemy, she curates her moments to evoke a meaningful life.

We are dedicated to outfitting a rock concert everyday vibe, that edgy rocker soul shines through in each piece. Soft buttery leather and long flowing fringe adorn our star pieces. Appliquéd roses and finely stitched arrows embellish surfaces.

We are inspired by the feather and its delicate strength. Often a symbol of protection, they are a reminder to let go and fly free. Each feather we use was found on the streets of Brooklyn, New York and the mountains of New York State, casted in brass and finished by hand to preserve their natural beauty.

For the Dreamers,
The Stone Cold Foxes,
& The Rock-n-Roll Vixens.

Born in Rock - Set in Stone

About Us: About Us
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